Detailing Spray Wheel Master (W6E) WM60128

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SKU: NT-W6EWM60128

Detailing Spray; Voom ™ Gold; For Use With Both Smooth And Textured Surfaces Like Rubber/ Plastic/ Fiberglass; Shine And UV Protectant; Liquid; 1 GallonOver the last fifteen years we've developed a complete system of Wheeliners, axle covers and custom accessories designed to perform to our high standards, features POSI GRIP for easy and secure Wheeliner installation, our Air Master Dual Tire Inflators, and the Vision Plus Mirror line. We insist on the most advanced manufacturing processes, applying 600 Ton of pressure to each sheet of solid stainless steel to form an exact contour and produce a Wheeliner that conforms and fits securely to your wheel rims. And you must hand polish and individually inspect each and every Wheeliner to create a beautiful, mirror like finish that doesn't rust, corrode or require heavy maintenance.
Used For: Shine And UV Protectant
Unit Size: 1 Gallon


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