Winegard WF2-435 WiFi Range Extender

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Winegard WF2-435 WiFi Range Extender


  • Smart Technology Compatible: Wi-Fi
  • Wireless Connectivity: 802.11 B/ G/ N
  • Frequency (GHz): 2.4 Gigahertz
  • Speed: 450 Megabites Per Second
  • Voltage Input: 12 Volt
  • Security Encryption: WEP/ WPA/ WPA2/ WPA
  • Antenna: High Gain Wi-Fi Antenna/ High Gain 4G LTE Antenna

Product Description

Stay connected on the road with the Connect 2.0 4G2 mobile hotspot Internet solution for your RV. The Connect 2.0 4G2 links to nationwide 4G LTE for reliable, uninterrupted, in-motion and stationary coverage while traveling. Keep mobile devices, smart TVs/speakers, gaming systems, and computers connected to 4G/Wi-Fi with a reliable connection, faster speeds, and expanded coverage. Plus, it offers the capability to swap SIM cards to add to new or existing data plans from other carriers.

Features & Benefits

  • Connects All Your Devices Through Secure Hotspot: Easily Access Devices In And Around The RV With Secure Rebroadcasted Wi-Fi And 4G LTE Signals More Powerfully Than A Smartphone
  • Maximizes Speed And Range: Stay Connected With Improved Speeds In Remote Locations Where Wi-Fi Or Cellular Options Are Nonexistent Or Very Weak
  • Supports Multiple 4G Carrier Plans: Access Available Wi-Fi Networks; Choose Between Winegard’s High Speed Data Plan Or Other Carriers’ Data Plans
  • Enhances Wi-Fi Calling And Messaging: Make And Receive Calls Over The Internet On Supported Devices When Cell Phone Service Is Weak Or Unavailable
  • Expands Your Wi-Fi Coverage To Receive From Farther Away And With Better Speeds; More Powerful Than Your Smartphone Or Hotspot Device


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