Thetford RV macerater sani-con Box Mount Support Bypass System | 70200

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Thetford RV macerator sani-con Box Support Bypass System |  70200


Its heavy-duty transfer pump macerates waste, sending it long distance - even 20 feet uphill - to a dump. Easy to install and use. Permanent connection saves handling and setup time, and keeps you clean. Long-lasting 1 inch discharge hose stretches to 21 feet, yet retracts to 7 feet long to save storage space. Drip Cap keeps you clean. Easy-to-use nouncezle adapts to a variety of dump stations - no need for adapters. Patented bypass for gray water tank emptying without turning pump on (select models). BOX MOUNT SYSTEM WITH GRAY WATER BYPASS, 3 inch x 24 inch inlet , 21 feet retractable discharge hose with sewer nouncezle and cap. Wiring included. Box Mount System.


Brand Camco
Part status Active

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