Robertshaw Oven Thermostat 4750-052

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Robertshaw Oven Thermostat 4750-052

RECREATIONAL VEHICLE IGNITION OVEN THERMOSTAT, 36" Capillary, with flange type mounting. The ELOT is designed with both "OFF" and "Pilot ON" positions. In the "OFF" position no gas flows to either the main burner or pilot. The "OFF" position is used when the recreational vehicle is in transit or is not being used. In the "Pilot ON" position gas does not flow to the main burner, but does flow to the standing pilot and must be lit with a match. Once the standing pilot is lit it will provide automatic ignition of the main burner when the thermostat is turned to a temperature. In order to return the control to the "OFF" position, the dial must be pushed in and rotated in a clockwise direction to the "OFF" index on the dial. When a replacement thermostat is installed be sure to use the new dial provided in this kit. L.P. Gas Only.

MODEL ELOT-18-G36-00-00

Replaces: ELOT 18, SEAWOOD 70400, ELOT 25, MAGIC CHEF WEST 993-476


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