Refrigerator Door Latch Adjust A Brush PROD402 Storage Latch

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$18.00 USD
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Refrigerator Door Latch; Storage Latch; Hold Refrigerator/ Freezer Door Open To Allow Light And VentilationAdjust-A-Brush ® products are proudly "Made In America." Only the highest quality raw materials are used in manufacturing our products. The Adjust-A-Brush ® scrub pad and handles are designed for both the professional service individual or the DIY. The pads, because of their varying degrees of coarseness can be used on a wide array of materials, i.e. vinyl, fiberglass, tile, gunite, marcite, etc. From the spa to the above-ground pool, to the inground pool, to service vehicles, Adjust-A-Brush ® has a product to meet the need.
Compatibility: Refrigerator/ Freezer Door Open To Allow Light And Ventilation
Type: Storage
Quantity: Single


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