Norcold 618548 - Thermistor Assembly (Fits All N6/ N8/ 900/ 9000 Models)

by Norcold
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SKU: 03-1769
This component senses the temperature inside your refrigerator compartment. It tells the refrigerator to turn on or off in order to reach the desired temperature.Works with the following Norcold refrigerator models:N610N611N621N622N641N642NX611NX641NXA641N811N821N822N841N842N843NX811NX841NXA84196296391629163918291832117Any numbers or letters after the model numbers are not important for this part. The thermistor has a 4 prong connector that will snap into the light fixture located up at the light bracket. The other end clips to the 10th fin from the right hand side.


Brand Norcold
Part status Active

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