Progressive Industries Surge Protector 30 Amp - EMS-LCHW30

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$340.00 USD
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High/Low Voltage Protection: Whenever AC power falls below 104 Volt, or rises above 132 Volt, the EMS automatically shuts down power to the RV. The EMS will monitor the power and once the AC power rises above 104 Volt, or below the 132 Volt level, the time delay indicator flashes for the preset time and then automatically restores power to the RV. Time Delay for A/C Compressor: If the AC power is interrupted, or the EMS detects a fault condition, the built-in time delay is activated.
Smart Technology Compatible: Not Compatible With Smart Technology
Voltage Regulation: 120 Volt
Ampere Rating: 30 Amp
Automatically Reconnects: Yes
Used To: Protect From Damaging Low/ High Voltage Levels And Power Surges
With Fault Indicator: Yes
With Plug Head Handle: No


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