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USED Dometic Fridge Door Middle Hinge Pin 2932648021

2 sold in last 8 hours
$9.99 $8.99

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Product Dimensions

Manufacture model number




(see bottom of page for our used parts disclaimer)

This product will work with the corresponding dometic model numbers below



921144065 RM2663

921144066 RM2663

921144101 RM2652LB

921144102 RM2652RB

921144103 RM2662

921144104 RM2662

921144105 RM2663

921144106 RM2663

921144121 RM2652LB

921144122 RM2652RB

921144133 RM2662

921144134 RM2662

921144135 RM2663

921144136 RM2663

921144139 RM2652LB

921144140 RM2652RB

921144142 RM2652LB

921144143 RM2652RB

921144146 RM2652LB

921144147 RM2652RB

921144163 RM2662

921144164 RM2662

921144167 RM2652RB

921144174 DM2662

921144175 DM2662R

921144176 DM2663LB

921144177 DM2663RB

921144178 DM2652LB

921144179 DM2652RB

921144180 DM2652LB

921144181 DM2652RB

921144182 DM2662

921144183 DM2662

921144190 DM2652LB

921144191 DM2652RB

921144201 RM3762L

921144202 RM3762R

921144203 RM3762L

921144204 RM3762R

921144205 RM3762L

921144206 RM3762R

921144207 RM3762L

921144208 RM3762R

921144213 RM3762L

921144214 RM3762R

921144235 RM3762L

921144236 RM3762L

921144237 RM3762LSS

921144238 RM3762R

921144241 RM3762L

921144242 RM3762R

921144247 RM3762LB

921144248 RM3762RB

921144249 RM3762L

921144250 RM3762R

921144251 RM3762LB

921144252 RM3762RB

921144253 RM3762LSS

921144254 RM3762RSS

921144301 DM2662LB

921144302 DM2662R

921144303 DM2663LB

921144304 DM2663RB

921144305 DM2652LB

921144306 DM2652RB

921144307 DM2652LB

921144308 DM2652R

921144309 DM2662L

921144310 DM2662R

921144313 DM2652L

921144314 DM2652R

921144315 DM2652L

921144316 DM2652R

921144317 DM2662L

921144318 DM2662R

921144319 DM2663LB

921144320 DM2663RB

921144321 DM2652LBX

921144322 DM2652RBX

921144323 DM2652LBX

921144324 DM2652RBX

921144325 DM2662LB1.6 , W/626M

921144326 DM2662RB1.6

921144327 DM2652LBFX

921144328 DM2652RBFX

921144329 DM2652LBFX

921144330 DM2652RBFX

921145165 NDR1062LBIM

921145166 NDR1062RB

921146095 RM2862

921146096 RM2862

921146101 RM2852

921146102 RM2852

921146103 RM2862

921146104 RM2862

921146113 NDR1062LB

921146114 NDR1062RB

921146121 NDR1062LB

921146122 NDR1062RB

921146127 RM2852

921146128 RM2852

921146147 NDR1062LB

921146148 NDR1062RB

921146149 RM2862

921146150 RM2862

921146153 RM2852

921146154 RM2852

921146155 RM2862

921146156 RM2862

921146165 NDR1062LB

921146166 NDR1062RB

921146167 RM2852

921146168 RM2852

921146171 RM2852

921146172 RM2852

921146181 NDR1062LB

921146182 NDR1062RB

921146201 RM3962LB

921146202 RM3962RB

921146203 RM3962LB

921146204 RM3962RB

921146205 RM3962LB

921146206 RM3962RB

921146207 RM3962LB

921146208 RM3962RB

921146209 RM3962LB

921146210 RM3962RB

921146211 RM3962LB

921146212 RM3962RB

921146213 RM3962LB

921146214 RM3962RB

921146217 RM3962LB

921146218 RM3962RB

921146219 RM3962LB

921146220 RM3962RB

921146221 RM3962LB

921146222 RM3962RB

921146225 RM3962LB

921146226 RM3962RB

921146229 RM3962LBS

921146230 RM3962RBS

921146231 RM3962LB

921146232 RM3962RB

921146233 RM3962LB

921146234 RM3962RB

921146235 RM3962LB

921146236 RM3962RB

921146237 RM3962LBS

921146238 RM3962RBS

921146239 RM3962LB

921146240 RM3962RB

921146243 RM3962LB

921146244 RM3962RB

921146245 RM3962LBS

921146246 RM3962RBS

921146247 RM3962LB

921146248 RM3962RB

921146249 RM3962LB

921146250 RM3962RB

921146253 RM3962LSS

921146254 RM3962RSS

921146301 DM2862LB

921146302 DM2862RB

921146303 DM2862LB

921146304 DM2862RB

921146305 DM2852LBIMHX

921146306 DM2852RB

921146307 DM2852LB

921146308 DM2852RB

921146317 NDM1062

921146318 NDM1062

921146328 DM2862LB

921146329 DM2862RB

921146332 DM2852LB

921146333 DM2852RB

921146338 NDM1062

921146339 NDM1062

921146342 DM2862LB

921146343 DM2862RB

921146344 DM2862LB

921146345 DM2862RB

921146346 DM2852LB

921146347 DM2852RB

921146348 DM2852LB

921146349 DM2852RB

921146356 DM2862LBF

921146357 DM2862RBF

921146360 DM2852LBF

921146361 DM2852RBF

921146366 NDM1062

921146367 NDM1062

921146375 NDM1062LBIM

921146376 NDM1062RBIM

921146378 DM2862LB

921146379 DM2862RB

921146380 DM2862LB

921146381 DM2862RB

921146382 DM2852LB

921146383 DM2852RB

921146384 DM2852LB

921146385 DM2852RB

921146386 DM2862LBF

921146387 DM2862RBF

921146388 DM2862LBF

921146389 DM2862RBF

921146390 DM2852LBF

921146391 DM2852RBF

921146392 DM2852LB

921146393 DM2852RB

921148301 RM1350

921148302 RM1350

921148303 RM1350

921148305 RM1350

921148306 RM1350

921148307 RM1350

921148308 RM1350

921148311 RM1350

921148312 RM1350

921148315 RM1350

921148316 RM1350

921148317 RM1350

921148319 RM1350

921148320 RM1350

921148321 RM1350

921148322 RM1350

921148325 RM1350

921148326 RM1350

921148327 RM1350

921148328 RM1350

921148329 RM1350

921148330 RM1350MIMBS

921148332 RM1350

921148333 RM1350

921148334 RM1350

921148335 RM1350

921148336 RM1350

921148337 RM1350

921148338 RM1350

921148341 RM1350

921148342 RM1350

921148345 RM1350

921148350 RM1350

921148351 RM1350

921148352 RM1350M

921148353 RM1350MBS

921148354 RM1350MSS

921148355 RM1350MIM

921148356 RM1350IMBS

921148359 RM1350

921148362 RM1350WIMBS

921148363 RM1350WIMSSX

936000116 DM2652LBX

936000117 DM2652RBX

936000768 DMR702LB

936000769 DMR702RB

936001174 DM2652LB

936001176 DM2652RB

936001179 DM2852LB

936001181 DM2852RB

936001329 DMR702LB

936001330 DMR702LB

936001504 DMR702RB

936001505 DMR702RB

936001575 DMC2842RB

936001576 DMC2841RB

936001577 DMC2642RB

936001578 DMC2641RB

936001828 DMC2842

936002119 DMR702LB

936002120 DMR702RB

936002129 DMC2841RB

936002502 DM2652RB

936002903 DMR702LB-E

936002904 DMR702RB-E

936002912 DM2672LB

936002920 DM2672RB

936002967 DM2672LBF

936002968 DM2672RBF

936002969 DM2872LB

936002970 DM2872RB

936002971 DM2872LBF

936002972 DM2872RBF

936003056 DM2672LB

936003057 DM2672RB

936003058 DM2672LBF

936003059 DM2672RBF

936003060 DM2872LB

936003061 DM2872RB

936003062 DM2872LBF

936003063 DM2872RBF

958525040 DM2652RB

958525277 DM2652LB

958525542 DM2652RB

958525546 DM2652LB

958525633 DM2852RB

958525899 DM2852LB

958525900 DM2852RBF

958525901 DM2852LBF

958526256 DM2652RBF

958526257 DM2652LBF

958527167 DM2652RB1

958527168 DM2652LB1

958527197 DM2662LB

958527198 DM2662RB

958527781 DM2663RB

958527782 DM2663LB

958527786 DM2652LBF1

958527787 DM2652RB1

958527788 DM2652LBF1

958527789 DM2652RBIMH

958527790 DM2652LBIMH

958527822 DM2662LB

958527823 DM2662RB

958527824 DM2662RB1

958527825 DM2662LB1

958527826 DM2663RBF

958527827 DM2663LBF

958527844 DM2662LBF

958527845 DM2662RBF

958527848 DM2662LBIMH

958527849 DM2662RBIMH

958527850 DM2663RBIMH

958527851 DM2663LBIMH

958527854 DM2852RBF1

958527855 DM2852LBF

958527856 DM2852RBIMH

958527857 DM2852LBIMH

958527858 DM2862RB

958527859 DM2862LB

958527860 DM2862RBF

958527861 DM2862LBF

958527862 DM2862RB1

958527863 DM2862LB1

958527864 DM2862RBF

958527865 DM2862LBF1

958527866 DM2862RBIMH

958527867 DM2862LBIMH

958527874 RM1350IMBS

958527875 RM1350IMSS

958527876 RM1350MIM

958527877 RM1350WIMSS

958527878 RM1350MSS

958527879 RM1350WIMBS

958527880 RM1350MBS

958527881 RM1350WIM

958527882 RM1350WID

958527883 RM1350WIDBS

958527884 RM1350WIDSS

958527885 RM1350M

958527888 RM3762LB

958527889 RM3762RSS

958527890 RM3762LSS

958527891 RM3762RB

958527892 RM3762LBS

958527893 RM3762RBS

958527896 RM3962LB

958527897 RM3962RSS

958527898 RM3962LSS

958527899 RM3962RB

958527900 RM3962LBS

958527901 RM3962RBS

958527904 NDM1062LBF

958527905 NDM1062LBIMF

958527906 NDM1062LBSF

958527908 NDM1062LSSF

958527910 NDM1062RBF

958527911 NDM1062RBIMF

958527912 NDM1062RBSF

958527914 NDM1062RSSF

958527980 DM2652RBF1

958527981 DM2652LBF1

958528009 DM2852RB

958528010 DM2652RBF

958528011 DM2652LBF

958528012 DM2662LBF

958528013 DM2662RBF

958529224 DM2852LB

958530285 DM2652RB

958530286 DM2652LB

958530287 DM2652RBF

958530288 DM2652LBF

958530289 DM2662RB

958530290 DM2662RB

958530291 DM2663RB

958530292 DM2663LB

958530293 DM2852RBX

958530294 DM2852LBX

958530295 DM2852RBFX

958530296 DM2852LBFX

958530297 DM2862RBX

958530298 DM2862LBX

958530299 DM2862RBFX

958530300 DM2862LBFX

958530301 NDM1062LBF

958530302 NDM1062LBIMF

958530307 NDM1062RBF

958530308 NDM1062RBIMF

958530313 RM3762L

958530314 RM3762RSS

958530315 RM3762LSS

958530316 RM3762RB

958530317 RM3762LBS

958530318 RM3762RBS

958530319 RM3962LBX

958530320 RM3962RSSX

958530321 RM3962LSSX

958530322 RM3962RBX

958530323 RM3962LBSX

958530324 RM3962RBSX

958530332 RM1350IMBS

958530333 RM1350IMSS

958530334 RM1350MIM

958530335 RM1350WIMSS

958530336 RM1350MSS

958530337 RM1350WIMBS

958530338 RM1350MBS

958530339 RM1350WIM

958530340 RM1350WID

958530341 RM1350WIDBS

958530342 RM1350WIDSS

958530343 RM1350M

958530344 RG1350W

958530355 DM2662LBFX

958530357 DM2662LBIMH

958530358 DM2662RBIMHF

958530359 DM2663RBF

958530360 DM2663LBF

958530363 DM2852RBIMH

958530364 DM2852LBIMH

958530365 DM2862RBIMH

958530412 DM2652RB

958530413 DM2652LB

958530414 DM2652RBF

958530415 DM2652LBF

958530418 DM2662LB

958530419 DM2662RB

958530420 DM2662LB

958530421 DM2662RB

958530424 DM2852RB

958530425 DM2852LB

958530426 DM2852RBF

958530427 DM2852LBF

958530430 DM2862RBX

958530431 DM2862LBX

958530432 DM2862RBFX

958530433 DM2862LBFX

958530436 NDM1062LBF

958530437 NDM1062LBIMF

958530442 NDM1062RBF

958530443 NDM1062RBIMF

958530448 RM3762L

958530449 RM3762RSS

958530450 RM3762LSS

958530451 RM3762RB

958530452 RM3762LBS

958530453 RM3762RBS

958530500 DM2652RB

958530501 DM2652LB

958530502 DM2652RBF

958530503 DM2652LBF

958530527 RM1350WID

958530528 RM1350WIDSS

958530529 RM1350WIDBS

958530612 RM1350MIMBS

958530667 RM1350MIMSS

958530679 RM3762LBF

958530681 RM3762LBF

958530695 RM3762LBIMF

958530698 RM3762LBIMF

958530703 RM3962LBF

958530705 RM3962LBIMF

958530707 RM3962LBS

958530710 RM3962LBSIMF

958530714 RM3962LSSF

958530722 RM3962LSSIMF

958530724 RM3962RBF

958530726 RM3962RBIMF

958530732 RM3962RBSF

958530734 RM3962RBSIMF

958530736 RM3962RSSF

958530741 RM3962RSSIMF

958530753 RM3762LBSF

958530755 RM3762LBSIMF

958530757 RM3762LSSF

958530759 RM3762LSSIMF

958530761 RM3762RBF

958530762 RM3762RBF

958530764 RM3762RBIMF

958530765 RM3762RBIMF

958530767 RM3762RBSF

958530770 RM3762RBSIMF

958530772 RM3762LBSF

958530773 RM3762LBSIMF

958530774 RM3762LSSF

958530775 RM3762LSSIMF

958530776 RM3762RBSIMF

958530777 RM3762RSSF

958530779 RM3762RSSF

958530780 RM3762RSSIMF

958530782 RM3762RSSIMF




** Please Read Full Product Description Before Purchasing**

All used parts are from dismantled RV trailers or Motorhomes. If inventory is greater than 1 , It is possible the part is not the exact one displayed in the picture. But is the same part. Every Part is tested %100 While in the trailer before being stripped. Every part is in perfect working order unless otherwise stated in the description.




All Used Parts are final sale (NO REFUNDS) For shipping damages, or wrong part received please email back to the order confirmation email.




all used parts are shipped within 1-2 days of order being placed.

Shipping carriers include: Canada post, Purolator, UPS

Shipping insurance is up to purchaser.

If shipping to the United States Brokerage and duty fees are paid by the customer.

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Young Farts RV Parts provides products without warranty. While certain new items may be accompanied by manufacturer warranties, it is important to note that Young Farts RV Parts itself does not offer any warranties on its products.

For extended warranty options, Young Farts RV Parts has partnered with CPS Warranty to offer additional coverage. It is imperative to understand that this extended warranty is a separate agreement from Young Farts RV Parts' offerings. Therefore, customers are advised to conduct thorough research and review the terms and conditions provided by CPS Warranty before purchasing any extended warranty products.

Please be aware that the coverage and terms of the extended warranty are beyond the control of Young Farts RV Parts. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the coverage aligns with their needs and expectations before making a purchase.

By purchasing extended warranty products through CPS Warranty, customers acknowledge and accept that the terms and conditions of the warranty are governed solely by CPS Warranty and are independent of Young Farts RV Parts' policies and responsibilities.

Young Farts RV Parts disclaims any liability or responsibility regarding the terms, coverage, or performance of extended warranty products offered by CPS Warranty.

Returns on NEW Products:

We offer a 30-day return policy from the delivery date on DOA (dead on arrival) or unused items, factory sealed in the manufacturer's original packaging.

IF item is being returned because the item is no longer needed, or customer ordered wrong part buy mistake the customer is responsible for the shipping costs

NO return or exchange is accepted on electronics that have been removed from the original packaging in any way.

Returns on USED Products:

All Used Products are considered Final Sale! Because of people repackaging there broken part and calling it Ours. For any questions and concerns please reply to the confirmation email and we can try to assess the situation.

Incorrectly Shipped, Missing Items or Damaged Goods

We recommend a careful inspection of each item received. All/any anomalies (incorrect shipping, missing items, damaged goods) must be reported to our order confirmation email within 48 hours of receiving goods.

If we make an error when fulfilling your order, please contact us Via Replying to order confirmation email within 48 hours of receiving your package to initiate a claim. Please send a brief email alerting us of the error and we will correct any fulfillment mistakes as quickly as possible.

Incorrect received items must be returned to us within 30 days of the purchase date. We will provide you with a prepaid return label via email to send back the product(s).

Young Farts RV Parts will pay return shipping fees in the following situations:

  • The Wrong Product was shipped
  • The product was labelled wrong
  • Damaged in transport
  • Defective product

Exchanges for Defective or Damaged Items

Items that are still under warranty, are eligible for an exchange only. We will exchange the item for the exact same item, in the exact same colour. Exceptions may apply if the item is no longer being actively stocked or available.

We can not offer store credit or refunds on warranty exchanges. Store credit may be offered for items that are no longer actively stocked or available.

Refunds and Store Credit

We will refund in the original method of payment.

At this time, we are unable to issue refunds via Interac E-Transfer, Cash, Debit Card or Cheque.

We issue refunds within 7 business days after receiving and inspecting the merchandise. An email notification confirming your refund will be sent after.

Depending on your card-issuing bank, please allow up to one billing cycle for a refund to appear on your statement.

We cannot process return or refund requests without proof of purchase.

Non-Returnable & Final Sale Items

All Used, Clearance, Final sale, or "as is" marked items are non-refundable and ineligible for returns, refunds, or exchanges.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

To initiate a return or exchange you must email our order confirmation to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). You will be asked to provide details of the issue and the date in which the item was purchased. In some cases, we may request that Pictures must be sent of damage or other errors

Returning Goods

After you receive an RMA approval, please return your product(s) to us within 30 days. Be sure to include your RMA Approval email with your shipment.

Once your return is approved, you will receive instructions for returning the products to us as well as a shipping label for your return (if applicable).

Pack all merchandise safely to prevent damage during transit. We strongly recommend using a shipping method with tracking and insurance. One Way Access is not responsible for loss or damage during transit.

All returns should be sent to the address stated in the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).

Shipping Charge Refunds

We issue refunds for any shipping fees charged only if we have made an error in the shipment of your order or if there is a material error in the presentation of the product on our website. We do our best to provide you with as much information as possible on the site to make your buying decision, but we acknowledge that occasionally product features or specifications may not be clear. . If we determine in our sole discretion that this is the case with a product you have ordered, we will gladly refund your shipping charges with our thanks for identifying the deficiency for us.


If you have any question as to whether you are ordering the correct product, please call or email us prior to ordering. We are unable to refund shipping charges in cases where customers have ordered an incorrect or unneeded product.

Special Order Products

We cannot accept returns on special orders, non-stocked products, obsolete items or custom orders. If you are ordering a custom product, please contact our parts experts prior to placing the order with our supplier for help to ensure that you are ordering the correct item for your application. Once you have confirmed your desire to order the product, your credit card will be charged for the full amount of the custom order. This amount is non-refundable if you decide to cancel the order subsequent to your confirmation.



Electronic Circuit Boards

In no case are we able to issue any refunds on orders of replacement electronic circuit boards, whether they have been installed or not.




Generators may not be returned if the gas or oil reservoirs have been filled.  Customers must deal directly with generator manufacturers for warranty or service issues.



Chemicals and Adhesives

Certain Chemicals, liquids and adhesives are not returnable.

Although we do offer free shipping on all orders, there are times when your order may not be eligible for free shipping. Reasons for this:

-Free Shipping to the United States requires a minimum order value of $100 USD

-Due to the location of the shipping address Free shipping may not be eligible

-Shipping used parts to the east coast are not eligible for free shipping

-Oversized products depending on the location may not be eligible for free shipping

You may receive an email after an order is placed regarding ineligibility for free shipping informing you how much extra the shipping will be before completing the order, these extra charges will never be charged until approval.


Extra Shipping Charges


-Although we do offer free shipping to most of Canada & The United States, There are some locations & Over Sized Items that will cost more than the estimated shipping this may be determined AFTER the order has been placed. You may receive an email if the shipping cost is above the expected price asking for extra shipping payment before the shipping process takes place. This goes for both New & Used Products.

Depending on the weight or size we may need to charge additional shipping. We'll do our best to keep the price down for you.


General Shipping Standards

Current shipping lead times are detailed on each product page and are based on the location of stocked items.  In the vast majority of cases, we are able to ship in-stock products the next business day for orders placed before 4 pm Eastern time Monday through Thursday and before noon on Sunday for Monday delivery. Any items displaying shipping lead times greater than 1-2 Business Days will ship in the time frame indicated.


Note that in multi-product purchases, shipping costs are calculated based on the combined shipment weight of all items.  If individual items within an order have varying lead times, the order will not ship until all items are available for shipment.


Orders shipping outside Canada or the USA (when service is available) or to destinations in Hawaii, Alaska, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and the Yukon Territory do not qualify for the Free Shipping Offer.


Items shipped free and subsequently returned will be subject to a restocking charge equivalent to the costs of outbound shipping, except in cases where we have made a material error in fulfilling your order.  In this case, customers are also responsible for return shipping costs.


Back Orders

If there is an error in our data and we identify that one or more products on your order are back-ordered, you will be advised of the estimated shipping date for those products and you may cancel those items without penalty prior to shipping.

Credit Card Charging Policy

Our policy is to charge the amount of your purchase with your credit card issuer at the time of order so it can be released to our internal systems for processing. This may be a day or two in advance of shipping the product. 

Canadian Shipments

We ship RV Parts daily across all of Canada from our Edmonton (Vegreville), Calgary or Montreal  warehouse.  Most shipments are sent via Canada Post, with larger parcels sent using Purolator Courier or UPS. Canadian customers are charged GST or HST or QST on all purchases.

USA Shipments

Orders from US customers. For courier shipments brokerage, customs or duties may have to be paid upon arrival.

We do Ship to The United States Of America! But Free shipping on new products over $200 does not apply.

There are some locations & Over Sized Items that are NOT eligible for free shipping, this will either be determined at the checkout  or AFTER the order has been placed. You may receive an email if the shipping cost is above the expected price asking for additional shipping payment before the shipping process takes place.

Estimated delivery dates may take longer than stated when shipping to the USA.

Find Partnered RV Service Shops Near you!

Our map displays the nearest Partnered RV service shops, These shops are third party service shops that have access to special discounts on parts from Young Farts RV Parts, ensuring you get the best deal when you choose their services or order through them to pick up the part at their shop! Dont see your go-to service shop listed? let them know to join the program so you can get the deals!

Important Note:

These authorized service shops are third-party providers and are not affiliated with Young Farts RV Parts. They can help with your RV needs and order discounted parts to their store, but they cannot assist with inquiries or orders related to Young Farts RV Parts. For any questions or orders related to RV parts, please contact us directly through our chat on the bottom right of the screen to ensure you receive the best support and information from our team.

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