IOTA DLS-45 Power Converter 45 Amp Smart Battery Charger

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The DLS battery charger/power converter from IOTA Engineering converts nominal AC to DC Voltage. As a power supply, its tightly controlled regulation allows the user to operate any appropriate nominal DC load up to the converter’s rated output current. As a battery charger, the DLS will maintain the battery, delivering its full-rated current when the battery capacity falls sufficiently low. The voltage is set to deliver its maximum current for the necessary period of time that minimizes undue stress to the battery caused by heating of its cells. This helps to ensure the longest possible life of the battery. Over time, as the battery nears its full capacity, the converter will float-charge the battery to prevent self-discharge of its cells.
Converts: 108-132 Volt AC To 13.6 Volt DC
Continuous Output Power: 600 Watt
Peak Output Power: 600 Watt
Ampere Rating: 45 Amp
Number Of Outlets: 2
Efficiency: 80 Percent
Length: 9.7 Inch
Width: 6.7 Inch
Height: 3.4 Inch
Remote On/Off Capable: No
With USB Port: No
With Volt/Watt Meter: No
With Short Circuit: Yes
With Reverse Battery Protection: Yes
With Thermal Protection: Yes
With Battery Cables: No
With Built-In Charger: Yes
With Fuse: Yes


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