Drying Cloth Sans-Zo Car Wash (SNZ) D-0026-2

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Drying Cloth; Use To Clean All Kind Of Vehicle Surfaces; Microfiber; Set Of 2Sanszo is a company that markets a line of highly efficient and innovative automotive detailing products. The auto industry is a huge market, but too often it maintains bad habits that are harmful to the environment and the majority of products have toxic chemical components. SANSZO is a product that allows you to clean any type of vehicle without using water. Thanks to its microbead polymer technology, the SANSZO formula detaches dirt particles from the surface to be cleaned and envelops them in an extremely fine lubricant that isolates these particles and separates them from the surface to be cleaned in order to protect the finish of the bodywork.
Used For: Clean All Kind Of Vehicle Surfaces
Length (IN): 16 Inch
Width (IN): 16 Inch
Color: Green
Material: Microfiber
Quantity: Set Of 2


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