Camco 43526 Universal Silent Top - Bordeaux 19-1/2"x 17"x3/4(Dark Finish)

by Camco
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$78.00 USD
SKU: C43526
Camco RV Oak Accents Universal Stovetop Cover silences annoying stovetop rattles and adds valuable counter space to your RV. Solid Bordeaux finish hardwood stovetop cover hides and protects burners. Non-toxic gloss finish for extra moisture protection. (19-1/2" x 17" by 3/4" thick) Patented. Includes a bonus Flexible Cutting Mat. Adds valuable counter space Measures 19-1/2" x 17" by 3/4" thick Solid Bordeaux finish Can be used in an RV to silence stovetop rattles Comes with a bonus flexible cutting mat


Brand Camco
Part status Active

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