Camco 40075 Toilet Flush Valve Prop

by Camco
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$15.22 USD
SKU: C40075
Camco Toilet Flush Valve Prop easily installs around the body of your RV Waste Tank Rinser and props open the toilet waste valve while you clean. Using a Flush Valve Prop makes it easier to clean the waste tank without having to hold down on a foot pedal, and also helps prevent damage to the waste valve. The tapered design helps prevent splash back, and the ridges helps keep the prop in place. The Valve Prop fits all tank rinsers and is easy to install with all hardware included. Holds your RV toilet valve open while you rinse it out Helps prevent damage to your RV toilet valve Tapered design helps prevent splash back Fits all tank rinsers Easy to install with hardware included


Brand Camco
Part status Active

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