Camco 35953 By-Pass Kit - 8" Supreme Perm Brass for 6 gal tank Bilingual

by Camco
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SKU: 09-2926
Simple, permanent installation of the Camco RV 8" Supreme Permanent By-Pass Kit for 6 Gallon Tanks allows you to save antifreeze and money by by-passing your water heater when winterizing. Made with crimp-resistant nylon reinforced hose and sturdy, brass valves for non-restrictive flow. Easily drains the water heater for winterizing Saves money on antifreeze by bypassing the water heater Sturdy, brass valves provide non-restrictive flow Kink resistant 8" hose for 6 gallon RV water heater tank Handle has visual indicator of valve operation


Brand Camco
Part status Active

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