Camco 11633 Water Heater Drain Plug kit

by Camco
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SKU: C11633
Camco's drain plug wrench is specifically designed for use with RV water heater drain plugs. The angled design conveniently fits in tight spaces and includes prongs for rusted drain valves and petcock drains. Fits both 7/8" and 15/16"Drain plugs. Includes two 1/2" NPT replacement drain plugs and Teflon tape. Designed for RV water heater drain plugs Fits both 7/8" and 15/16" drain plugs Angled design allows you to reach tight places Includes prongs for rusted drain valves and petcock drains Includes wrench, two 1/2" NPT replacement plugs and Teflon tape

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Brand Camco
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