am v high hand flush-whit

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Aqua Magic V high toilet - white


* H: 18.5" X W: 15.1" X D: 17.8"

* Easy-to-use one-handle flush: half way adds water, full activation flushes

* Full bowl coverage flush

* High profile offers taller seating height for maximum comfort

* Lightweight; easy to install, use and service

* Textured lid sheds water, resists scuffs

All the linked product are not included

Universal mounting kit

# 10-1057

Universal mounting kit

# 10-1058

Water module assembly

# 10-1912

Toilette floor flange 3" MPT

# 10-2000

Toilette floor flange 3" FPT

# 10-2002

Optional Hand Spray Kit

# 10-1900

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Brand Thetford
Part status Active

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