SouthWire Corp. Power Cord Y-Type Adapter 50 Amp x Double 30 Amp 27" - 44670

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SKU: NT-44670

The Amp-Up!™ RV Y-Adapter plugs into a 30 Ampere outlet on separate circuits to provide a 240 Volt/50 Ampere service outlet, enabling RVs with 50 Ampere service to have full use of air conditioners and appliances when only 30 Ampere service is available. Indicator lights are provided for each 30 Ampere plug when power is applied. Allow full use of RV appliances. Easy-T-Pull handles.
Type: Y-Type
End Type 1: Straight Blade
End Type 2: Socket
End Rating 1: 30 Amp
End Rating 2: 50 Amp
Length: 27 Inch
Jacket Color: PVC
Waterproof: Yes
With Locking Ring: No
With Lighted End: Yes
With Plug Head Handle: Yes


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