Icon Fender Skirt Various Sunline Brands Including Que 37-1/2 Inch 16-3/4 Inch Polar White 01932

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$264.12 USD
$141.25 USD
SKU: NT-01932

Our selection of RV fender skirts date back to the 1970’s. With many of today’s popular brands, styles and color choices, we are confident you’ll find a perfect fit for your RV. If we don’t have the model your looking for simply send us your fender skirt and we’ll re-create it. ICON Single Axle Fender Skirts are molded of high-impact ABS with a textured scuff resistant surface, that improves the look and value of your RV. Available in many of today’s popular colors.
Compatibility: Various Sunline Brands Including Que
Length: 37-1/2 Inch
Height: 16-3/4 Inch
Color: Polar White
Material: ABS Plastic


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