Clothes Washer Pinnacle Appliances (P7J) 18-824N

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Clothes Washer; Front Load; 23-1/2 Inch Width x 33-1/2 Inch Height x 22 Inch Depth; White With Silver Trim; Stainless Steel Drum; 13 Pounds Maximum Load Capacity; 15 Amp/ 110 Volt; With Built-In Self Clean/ Water Saver; 1200 RPM Spin Speed; Automatic Water Level; Built-In Diagnostics; Pre-Wash Function; Automatic Door Lock In Wash; Extra Rinse; Soak Function; Automatic Additive Dispenser; Winterize Function; Quite Function 60 (db)The Super Washer 824 N is an upgraded version of the 824 and it is the slimmest washer in North America. Twenty years in the making, this model of water and energy efficiency defies the old demand for the “proper” washer connection with the convertible-washing feature. This machine breaks the barriers that lock your washer into a specific space in your home or apartment. You’ll never have to decide between a small, medium, or large load again. The Super Washer 824 features a weight sensor that determines the correct amount of fill water to prevent water waste. At only easily 33.5 X 23.5 X 22 inches (Height X Width X Depth), this washer fits easily into small homes, apartments or anywhere space is an issue. The front-loading machine has 12 programmable features that enable it to stand proudly alongside larger counterparts. The 13 Pound load capacity cleans small loads efficiently, with minimal water and electricity usage. Adjustable leveling legs keep the machine stable no matter what surface it’s on, and the ergonomic 45-degree angled door handle prevents excessive bending and back strain. The 824 N has additional features such as Winterize function, Quiet function and Redesigned Easy to Use Control Panel.
Loading Type: Front
Width: 23-1/2 Inch
Height: 33-1/2 Inch
Depth: 22 Inch
Maximum Capacity: 13 Pound
Voltage Rating: 110 Volt
Ampere Rating: 15 Amp
Color: White/ Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
With Built-In Self Diagnostics: Yes
With Water Saver: Yes


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