SouthWire Corp. Power Cord Adapter 15 Amp Male x 30 Amp Female 18" - 15AM30AF18

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SKU: NT-15AM30AF18

Surge Guard's family of products for recreational vehicles now includes power supply cords, extension cords and adapters that make any installation easy and safe. For use in campgrounds, motor parks and recreational areas. Cords and adapters are black and are manufactured from durable, weather resistant PVC compounds that withstand a variety of environmental conditions with super flexibility.
Type: Pigtail
End Type 1: Straight Blade
End Type 2: Socket
End Rating 1: 15 Amp
End Rating 2: 15 Amp
Length: 18 Inch
Jacket Color: PVC
Waterproof: Yes
With Locking Ring: No
With Lighted End: No
With Plug Head Handle: No


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