maxxfan plus smoke 4500k

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$477.00 USD
$310.00 USD

Maxxfan standard RV vent remote open - smoke

Maxxair Vent Corp

* Waterproff, mouled mounting holes for easy installation of Maxxair vent cover

* Brings in fresh air and removes hot musty air and odours

* Easy to remove interior insect screen, simply rotate 4 retaining knobs to remove for cleaning, no tools required

* Twin lifting arms no more lid fluttering in high wind or when driving

* Features a powerfull, fuse protected, long life, sealed ball bearing, 12 volt fan motor and a 12'', 10 bladed fan

* Provides over 900 cubic feet of air per minute to kep you cool and comforable

* Flush monted, easy to clean keypad controls fan speed, thermostat, air intake and exhaust fonction

* Fits all standars 14'' x 14'' roof opening Fan runs with lid closed to circulate air


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